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Ways of Living is a heartfelt creation by and for the generous individuals whose lives it shares.

I am merely the mouthpiece, an independent writer and traveler aiming to bridge perspectives and understandings around the world. I am particularly drawn to international topics of development, religion, governance, health and human rights.

An explorer at heart, I feel most at home in new environments as an ethnographic researcher, journalist, translator and editor. Some of my favourite experiences have included living in Chinese villages for a year to research Hui minority Islamic pilgrimage, and speaking to elderly residents in Okinawa about health and traditional Japanese lifestyles.

Each Ways of Living piece focuses on someone I met and came to know by living with or near them. I strive to bridge objectivity of the reality I observe with admiration for the resolve and innate goodness of those I meet. I find this balance immensely difficult, and I’m sure it could often be better achieved.

I appreciate and deeply value feedback or any thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Thank you so very much for supporting Ways of Living by visiting and reading.


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